Choputa story

At Choputa, our mission is to source the finest fonio grain from our farmer partners in the sub-Saharan region of Africa to produce healthy and delicious breakfast cereal while also accelerating economic transformation.

message from our founder

I hope you enjoy discovering our protein packed Instant Fonio breakfast Cereal made with an ancient supergrain.

Thank you for supporting farmers in Africa, improving health, economic conditions and bringing good to human life!

At Choputa, we believe strongly in three things.

  • GOOD Hearty Taste
  • GOOD Health Benefits For You
  • Sustainability and Societal GOOD

Let’s create a better world together!



Choputa means "discover" in the Igbo language that is spoken in the southeast region of Nigeria, Choputa founder Uche Jumbo's country of origin.

Growing up eating whole foods that were nutrient-rich and delicious, Uche has always cared deeply about healthy, high-quality food. With a Bachelor of Arts in microbiology and Master's in biotechnology, she's spent more than a decade leading and managing quality and food safety programs in food manufacturing.