Introducing: Choputa Instant Fonio breakfast cereal

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"I'm constantly reviewing trends, looking at labels, and tracking what people are looking for in a healthy product," says Uche. "They want nutritious food that's low in sugar, does not contain gluten, is not genetically modified, and most importantly, tastes great. That's what Choputa Instant Fonio is."

Each serving of Choputa ensures four things:

  • Delicious
  • Easy-to-digest
  • Energy-boosting
  • Sustainable Production

this is why we do what we do

It was my first time eating fonio and it tasted good, especially the maple flavor, I also added coconut milk.

Antoneta Johnson

Loved them. Tastes great. I will order more for sure and keep this as a regular as one of my breakfast "go-to's". The cup was quite filling. It was very refreshing to eat something different in the morning.

Gene Cadiz

This was pretty tasty! It wasn't overly sweet or have a processed flavor. It's something I would get again.

Shani K.